Healthcare Australia

Healthcare Australia


Digital Marketing, HubSpot, CRM


Optimising HubSpot to improve the quality of data and enhance automation opportunities for one of Australia’s largest Allied Health providers.

About the project

Healthcare Australia (HCA) are one of Australia’s leading Allied Healthcare Providers and recruiter of Allied Health Professionals, with 16 offices around Australia and access to a pool of more than 120,000 healthcare professionals. HCA has several divisions that work in silos across the business and as such, require a careful approach to segmenting teams and data within their CRM.

HCA started implementing HubSpot at the beginning of 2020 but quickly realised their software was not optimised to deliver the best results. The organisation approached Agility Digital to help improve the quality of the data coming through and develop more clearly defined customer personas to allow for a more personalised approach to marketing automation. Agility was also asked to integrate HubSpot with HCA’s newly developed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System (Carevision) through Application Programming Interface (API’s).

We identified the following as being key requirements to delivering HCA’s desired outcomes:

  • Clean, requalify and segment the existing database.
  • Refine Contact & Company properties and assign fixed values.
  • Implement a deals pipeline.
  • Add reporting dashboards including the ability to track performance of the sales team.
  • Development of core customer personas.
  • Develop a more streamlined system for recruiting and onboarding new support workers.
  • General support and management of their inbound marketing campaigns.


Agility Digital worked closely with the HCA team to understand and define their target customer personas and develop unique marketing channels for B2B Referral Partners and B2C clients. We also spent time understanding their sales processes and developed a complete sales pipeline with automated messages to keep clients engaged and prompts to help the sales team record the right information.

The Pipeline was further utilised to create an easy-to-follow solution for the recruitment team to engage with new candidates, interview and onboard them seamlessly.

HCA’s database within HubSpot was cleaned and properties configured to help better segment and qualify leads, so that messaging can be more personalised, and the sales team can act only on the most relevant leads. Teams were more clearly defined with unique properties so that contacts could be correctly assigned, and divisions would experience less crossover and double handling of data.

In integrating Carevision with HubSpot, we allowed for data to be shared between the two systems enabling new HubSpot clients to be automatically set up in Carevision and for information related to their service and pricing to be sent back to HubSpot. This allowed for teams to have a more realistic view of sales forecasting and to better understand which sales & marketing activities were producing results.

Agility’s partnership with Healthcare Australia is ongoing and we continue to provide support and work with them as HubSpot and Martech Implementation partners. Agility has recently been brought in to assist with HubSpot optimisation for other HCA divisions.

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Digital Marketing, HubSpot, CRM

Optimising HubSpot to improve the quality of data and enhance automation opportunities for one of Australia’s largest Allied Health providers.

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