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Do you find yourself wasting precious time at work on manual tasks that could be automated? Well, you are definitely not alone. In fact, most of the businesses we work with agree that their workflow processes could be improved to increase productivity and achieve greater efficiency. The good news is that thanks to the availability of digital technological tools, businesses can easily make their processes more integrated, streamlined and straightforward through the power of automation.  

In this article we will be looking at two of the most popular and powerful software tools, Xero and HubSpot, and discussing how integrating these systems can benefit your business.

what is xero?

Xero is online accounting software built for small business that is simple to set up and use. The software allows you to get a real-time view of your cash flow, invoice and reconcile on the go with a handy mobile app.

what is hubspot?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. The system has tons of great tools for businesses to automate workflow and keep track of leads and customers, all while analysing the success of your marketing campaigns and tracking customer behaviour. These tools are divided into ‘Hubs” which can be purchased separately but are much more powerful when combined.

HubSpot Marketing Hub includes tools to create and manage landing pages, emails, blogs, social media, SEO, marketing automation and analytics.

HubSpot Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Hub helps you organise and keep track of leads and customers. It also allows for activity tracking, pipeline visibility, and real-time chat. The HubSpot CRM can be synced with Gmail & Outlook.

HubSpot Sales Hub gives your CRM superpowers by allowing your sales team to manage, communicate with and track leads. Tools include email templates, free calling, email sequences, meeting scheduling and pipeline tracking.

And finally, the HubSpot Service Hub includes tools for your customer service team including customer feedback, support tickets, live chat and reporting and goals.

Agility Digital is a HubSpot partner agency so if you feel like you are not making the most of this extraordinary software, please get in touch.

Why Integrate Your Software?

By integrating Xero and HubSpot you will have the ability to copy contacts from one system to the other and to create and view invoices in HubSpot to be approved in Xero. You can also filter your contacts in HubSpot using your Xero data, such as searching customers that have invoices overdue or who haven’t purchased from you within a certain amount of time.

But best of all is the ability to set up events which then trigger a specific action – in other words, automating processes which you currently do manually. For example, whenever you move a deal to the ‘Closed Sale’ stage in HubSpot, an invoice can be automatically created in Xero. There is virtually no limit to what can be defined as a trigger/ action event – so you can create automations specific to the way your workflow processes function.

How Can We Help?

As specialist digital marketers for the professional services industry, Agility Digital provide the tools and training to grow your business online. We won’t just implement the technology for you, we will work with you to upskill your team so that you continue to get the best out of your digital solutions in the future.

Just like any tool, digital technologies work best when you understand how best to leverage them. And while many of these new technologies may take some time to wrap your head around, and train staff in using, the result is increased productivity and a more efficient workplace.

If you are keen to learn more about how digital technology can streamline your business processes, get in touch with the team today. We love finding our what makes your business tick, and then finding ways to support you in making it grow.

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